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Our Services

Paying for inventory

If your sales are not enough to find your inventory or if capital raising is not a viable option at the moment, you can go for a short-term loan or debt financing

Inventory financing can be an important alternative for small businesses to obtain the funding that they need to keep their store shelves well stocked, replenish inventory, make customers happy, unlock extra cash flow, and maintain profitable business operations. EMI Walle provides cost-effective short-term EMI loans to help businesses finance their inventory. With careful planning, this type of funding can become a part of the financial toolkit of your company

Making vendor payments

Vendor Finance is a kind of short-term lending facility through EMI Walle lends money to businesses to help them make vendor payments in time. If you don't have adequate funds to pay for services or products, we will help you with cost-effective short-term loans.

Making vendor payments can often become a challenge for small businesses with limited funds. It will also help you to develop strong relationships with your vendors and create a positive image for your customers. Making timely payments is essential to ensure that you are able to source raw materials and other products from authentic vendors.

Completing a business order

Your business finally secured that dream order, but you don't have the operating capital to make it happen? EMI Walle provides cost-effective upfront funding to businesses to help them with purchases and other financing needs.

Our funding solutions help startup companies and SMEs who may be finding it difficult to complete large orders. The purchase order funding solutions at EMI Walle are ideal for small businesses to resolve cash flow shortages and fulfill their outstanding orders. Our funds will help you procure the necessary supplies, raw materials, or manpower to offer an extraordinary product or service to your customers. This will also allow you to grow your customer base.

Replenishing stock

Every business needs to replenish its stock to meet seasonal as well as regular business demands. Proper maintenance as well as timely restocking of inventory is an important aspect of any business. A shortage of stock can make you miss out on sales opportunities. Even the most-efficiently run companies find themselves hunting for funds to cost-effectively replenish their stock. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, the best way is to opt for a small business capital EMI loan.

Keep your business sales-ready with the right funding options provided at EMI Walle that will not only meet your fund requirements but also be cost-effective.

Investing in raw material

Every business needs funds to run operations and they can be sourced from basically three areas — revenue generated from business, capital, and debt. Sometimes the revenue from sales may not be adequate to sustain the business's operational expenses such as investing in raw materials. Raw materials are the life of any business and should be replenished timely. Whether you need raw materials to meet a huge order or seasonal demands, EMI Walle has got you covered. Investing in raw materials can be an adequate reason to obtain our short-term EMI loans in Lucknow, Pune, or any other Indian city and fuel your production.

Meeting urgent household needs

EMI Walle is the top choice when it comes to personal emergency funding. We will provide you with instant funds without the need for collateral. You are only required to meet our loan eligibility criteria and furnish the relevant documents. We will try to approve the loan within minutes and disburse the amount to your bank account. Moreover, the biggest advantage of working with EMI Walle for household financial emergencies is that you can apply online. We charge affordable EMIs to ensure that it is not stressful for you. From wedding expenses to medical emergencies, home repairs, and debt consolidation, we will take care of your household financial emergencies

Our Core Features!

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Fully transparent operations

We are open in all our dealings. There are no hidden charges. So you can borrow and repay with ease.

We lend responsibly

We will give you just the amount which we feel you will be able to pay back with ease, without burdening yourself.

Entirely online process

Our process is entirely online and hence easy to use and transparent.