EMI Walle strongly recommends that users of our app/website or borrowers read, familiarize themselves, and understand our refund and cancellation policy prior to using any products of EMI Walle.

In the event of the cancellation of our short-term EMI loan services in Dehradun, Bhubaneswar, Jammu, or any other city in India due to any unavoidable reasons, you must notify us of the same in writing at our official email ID. However, it is important to understand that cancellation requests for our loan services should be placed within 24 hours of the loan agreement with us.

Cancellation will be done as per the terms of the loan agreement with us. The cancellation will be effective from the date of receiving the cancellation request and accepting the request in writing. Cancellation charges would apply as well and will be as per the terms mentioned in the policy or loan agreement.

While granting easy short-term EMI loans in Jaipur or any other city in India, we make all possible attempts to do proper scrutiny and assessment on a case-to-case basis. However, EMI Walle holds the right to cancel a loan application or sanction letter in case any fraudulent activity is suspected or false information has been provided to the company. The cancellation will be done as soon as we are sure of the matter or at any time before or after the loan amount disbursement.

EMI Walle will recall the total amount disbursed with penalties and interests as deemed fit by the company. The entire amount must be paid to the company immediately on demand in one single installment. We have every right to take criminal/legal action against any entity/person who had tried to avail of our loan services through fraud/misinterpretation.

Moreover, the borrower should verify the working condition and quality of the asset so acquired. If the borrower makes a default in loan repayment due to such reasons, we will recall the entire loan amount which has to be repaid with penalties and interest as stated above.

We also provide small business capital EMI loans in various cities including Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and others. Contact us for more information.


Any refunds, if applicable, within the realm of our refund policy, will be processed within 7 working days. The refund policy of loan services is subject to change from time to time by EMI Walle. We will notify the same on the app and website in due time. In case, users or borrowers do not conform to our revised policy, they should not continue using our app/website and services. Inform EMI Walle about the same by writing to us on our official email ID.

Moreover, if an excess repayment amount is deposited in your loan account at the end of the repayment period or there is any credit balance in the loan account of the borrower, EMI Walle will refund back the amount on being brought to our notice.

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