You Financial Status is in a Good Hands

Solution to your short-term cash crunch situations in business

With over 5+ years of experience in offering tailor-made small business capital EMI loans, we have all the resources to help you scale your business.

" We are having only web based platform and doesn't ask customers to download any mobile app. Kindly connect us immediatly if any one ask to download any app on behalf of our company"

Direct payments

We will process your loan quickly to ensure that you are never short on cash during emergencies.

Quick decisions

Whether you need funds to complete a business order or replenish your stock, our business loans can be used for various activities of your business

Lowest bank fees

If you want to repay an outstanding payment, we will help you with the funds.

Financial Loans

We provide easy short-term loans to businesses with minimum paperwork and at competitive rates to meet various operational or capital requirements.

Our Core Features!

Solution to your short-term cash crunch situations in business

We are dedicated to arranging short-term EMI loans for countless clients operating in various industries from manufacturing to healthcare. In our many years of business, we have formed strong relationships with a diverse and extensive lending panel to provide bespoke funding lines for businesses.

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How It Works

3 easy steps to get your online short-term EMI loan

Apply online through our website

Visit our website or download our app to fill out the loan application form and start the process.

Furnish the required documents

Visit us with the required documents to check your credibility and loan requirements.

Get quick loan approval

We will process the loan within 1-5 working days of your loan application and document verification.

Our Core Features!

Why choose us!

Fast Response

We ensure that there are no bottlenecks or delays in our loan approval process to meet your business or household financial needs effectively and swiftly.

Minimum Bureaucracy

Administration and paperwork are kept to a minimum to allow small businesses to avail of a short-term EMI loan in Pune, Lucknow, or any other Indian city easily.


Our easy short-term EMI loans are available for all facets of your business expenditure throughout various cities in India including, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jammu, and others.

Welcome to Our Company!

Whether it is business or personal needs, we have a loan ready for you.

Shortfall can take place in both business and household
We have tailoured our loan for both the requirements
This loan is ideally suited for small business to cover their short-term shortfall
Also suitable for meeting immediate household needs
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Our Services

Our Services

Paying for Inventory

You may require a loan to stock up your inventory or purchase a higher amount of inventory to meet seasonal demands. The paucity of funds shouldn't prevent your business from doing its operational activities. We help you fund these activities to ensure that you never run short on your inventory.

Making Vendor Payments

Making vendor payments often becomes a challenge for small businesses. We provide funds to help you make timely vendor payments and maintain good relations with your suppliers

Completing a business order

Business orders call for liquidity and working capital, for which we are here. If you are trying to meet your dream business order but don't have the finances, we will provide you with the funds.

Replenishing stock

Every business needs to replenish its stock to meet business demands. We also provide easy short-term loans to help you meet your stock demands.

Investing in raw material

Whether you want to invest in raw materials to meet seasonal demands or have a huge order in hand, our easy loans have got you covered.

Meeting urgent household needs

Financial emergencies can arise in a household as well for which we provide funds at competitive rates. Contact us today to avail of an online digital EMI loan in Chennai or any other city in India.

Important questions

Frequently Questions

Who is eligible for this loan?

You should be self-employed or salaried, with proof of regular income.

What is my age eligibility?

You should be above 21 years of age and an Indian citizen

What documents are required for obtaining the loan?
  • Proof of income – salary slip – ITR

  • Proof of business ownership

  • Proof of residence

  • Six months bank statement

  • PAN

  • Adhaar
  • What is the tenure of this loan?

    The loan is for 3 to 6 monthly EMIs

    What amount am I eligible for?

    You will be eligible for up to 100 percent of your monthly income amount

    Do I require any collateral security?

    No, this is an unsecured loan

    How long will it take to get the loan?

    We will disburse the loan to you in between an hour to 6 hours

    Is there any pre-payment charge

    No, you can pay back the loan any time before due date

    So What is Next?

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